Setting up network from scratch

I will start with that I now have physical presence at two data centers in Finland.
There’s a router at both locations, but one of them has only my own router, meaning the other one is a rented device.

I have set up my own rDNS, using PowerDNS so that I can use my own reverse DNS entries for my addresses.

Router locations:

Country City Provider Type Notes
Finland Helsinki Creanova Hosting (AS51765) Physical  
Finland Turku Empor / DTNET (AS207003) Physical  
Germany Frankfurt Staclar Cloud (AS4473) Virtual KleyRex and STACIX access
United States Reston, VA Misaka Network (AS57695) Virtual Traffic capped at 1TB/month

Creanova Hosting

First issue was figuring out what would be the best approach, go with a rented router + server, or colo router + rented server.
I ended up with going with rented server and rented router, with BGP.

The 2nd thing was to get the provider to set up the BGP in the way I wanted as they first suggested that they would do the BGP part, but I didn’t want that, so I didn’t accept it. I mean, it could have worked, but it would have conflicted with my existing configuration at least the way they suggested implementing it.

I’m only announcing the prefixes that I need for the dedi server at the provider’s DC to them and directly connected the router to my main router in Turku via Wireguard. I’m announcing the same prefixes to my own core router as well, so that I can directly connect to them via the different Wireguard tunnels.

Example route from home:

HOST:                                        Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1. AS213021 (2001:67c:1104:fa0::1)    0.0%    10    1.8  23.7   1.8  83.1  29.3
  2. AS213021 (2001:67c:1104:1::1)        0.0%    10   11.4  26.9  10.1  80.7  25.4
  3. AS213021 (2a0e:8f02:201a::1)   0.0%    10   13.4  35.4  13.4 104.6  33.7

Example route from

HOST: lakka                                                            Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1. AS57692 (2001:67c:1be8:0:ffff::)            0.0%    10    0.2   0.3   0.2   0.5   0.1
  2. AS47605  2a00:1d50:1:40::4:7605                                    0.0%    10    0.6   0.6   0.6   0.9   0.1
  3. AS47605  2a00:1d50:1::81                                           0.0%    10    4.1   1.0   0.6   4.1   1.1
  4. AS???    ???                                                      100.0    10    0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0   0.0
  5. AS6939   2001:470:1:53a::2                                         0.0%    10    0.9   1.1   0.8   2.4   0.6
  6. AS213021 (2a0e:8f02:201a::1)   0.0%    10    0.9   0.8   0.8   0.9   0.0

Datatekniikka (DTNET)

This is my actual co-location site, so there’s currently only my one router which is the main one.
This router has a lot of different tunnels, like to Frankfurt and Creanova.

The first issue was that I managed to break my IPv4 connectivity when configuring it remotely, and that happened like two times, both of which required an on-site visit.
I was unable to fix it as the link-net on v6 was originally from my own prefix, which was not visible everywhere on the internet, so I asked the provider if we could move to use one small subnet from their block and that helped.

The other issue I had with getting the provider to route the small number of IPv4 addresses to directly to my router, so I can route them further via the different Wireguard tunnels.
For example, I have routed a few IP addresses to the Creanova router, and some to my home router.

Staclar VM (Frankfurt)

Here I’m exporting routers to KleyRex, STACIX and to the U.S router, but something likes to break there, so the traffic is currently not able to reach my core from there.
I can ping and traceroute from that VM, but though it, not so much.

I fixed it at one point, but then it broke again, so I’ll need to fix it again.

Misaka VM (Reston, VA, U.S)

I’m only currently exporting routes to their upstreams, but it seems that actual traffic does not want to work.
I’m yet to debug/fix it.

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