Life update & blog updates (September 2019)

It seems that I have been rather lazy to update this, but I’m no longer studying though the Open TUAS path, but rather I got into the uni with the help of my open TUAS studies.
I’m really glad about it.

I’m tutoring some of our uni’s exchange students, 3 are from Japan and 2 are from Germany.
I have had a blast with the tutorees even though I haven’t had the opportunity to spend really any time yet with the German tutorees. That’s okey though.

I have moved the blog posts content from my site to here so they are in one central place and much more easily updatable too.

It currently looks like that I get to move to my own apartment in Finland soon, even though it’s a rental but hey, it’s still my own place. Wish me luck. :)

I’ll be attending Dash X Boost Hackathon on Friday 20th of September.
I’m really looking forward to it.

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